Keep Your Mind Active

No one can deny that having an activelife is important, but have you ever considered having an active mind? Sure, we sit in classrooms for about 6 hours each day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have active minds. And when we get home, it’s not like the first thing on our minds is doing homework. An active mind means you’re concentrating on the task in front of you. At school it’s as easy as doing your work or engaging in the class discussion. You know that you’re mind has been active in class if you can walk out of the classroom and know that you’ve learnt something. At home, sitting in front of your TV requires little or no mind activity at all. So we suggest doing your homework or doing some extra reading to stimulate the mind.

You have to remember that the brain is a muscle, not just a storage space. An active mind as well as an active body goes hand in hand to gain the best results in everything that you do. If you’re willing to exercise your body, why not exercise your mind as well?

Working Out the Mind

1. Read a book because you want to not because you have to: Reading for pleasure is not rare, regardless of what people will say. It’s a good way in training the mind to formulate images for your imagination. It’s also the best remedy for those of you who find it hard to spell words. Believe me, the more you read, the less time you’ll need referring to the dictionary or using WORD.

2. Do a Word Puzzle or Sudoku: Mental training needs something that will challenge the mind. Sudoku or Word Puzzles are great at testing the mind and pushing your memory and mental skills to a whole new potential. Plus, it gives you a great satisfaction to know that you’ve accomplished a brain teaser.

3. Turn the TV OFF: TV is good in moderation. But if you’re spending way too much time in front of the TV, you’re not really giving room for your brain to work. TV is mainly for entertainment, sure there are educational programs, but if we were being honest, we don’t usually turn to them first when we turn on our TV sets.

S4S Mini-Challenge: Turn off the TV and read/do a word puzzle/ finish a Sudoku.

– Anvie

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