Refresh yourselves

The schooling year is coming to an end! As Term 4 begins, Year 7 – 10 students will be approaching their final exams, and Year 11 students will be transitioning into Year 12 – their HSC year! For any student however, the start of a new term is a chance to refresh yourselves and improve your study habits.

Year 7 – 10 students:
It may be very tempting to slack off during Term 4 since it’s your last term, but it is important to revise all that you have learnt throughout the year and prepare yourself for the upcoming yearly exams.

It is important to get into the habit of staying motivated throughout the year to develop this habit for your senior years of schooling. It’s time to polish and revamp your study and organisation skills!

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Year 11 students:
Prepare yourselves for a very significant and exciting year ahead! The key to succeeding in the HSC is consistency in your study patterns, organisation, time management and motivation.

As you enter into the early stages of Year 12, it’s important to re-evaluate your study methods and make appropriate amendments if required. For example, changing your study location or timing, changing your eating habits or lifestyle. etc.

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