Essay Writing

We all know the basic structures of essays: Intro/Points/Conclusion. But that’s not what makes writing essays so tough- it’s knowing exactly what to write in order score that perfect mark.

Since the paragraphs that contain your major arguments make up most of the essay its important to make sure that your points are top quality. Here are some things you can do to make the perfect points:

  1. Select at least 3 major points (supporting your essay viewpoint) which you are most comfortable with/have the most notes for. Sometimes you can get away with 2 but it’s always important to have a backup.
  2. Do not waffle. State your point, then immediately back it up with relevant and specific evidence (quotes, samples from the text). But do not over do it with the quotes, pick one or two perfect ones and indicate how they relate and support your point.
  3. Summarise each argument concisely showing that it is in fact a strong point with good supporting evidence.

*make sure you link all your points to your main essay argument*

It also helps to think like a lawyer.

– Shuang (S4S Coaching)

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