KWL Chart

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” Vincent T. Lombardi

So, how to increase the will? How to get interest in work? How to remember the lesson? Here is a technique called KWL Chart- which gives you the answer for all the questions.

What is KWL Chart?

Know, Want to learn and Learned (KWL) is an instructional technique that can be used in the classroom to create interest in students towards their lessons. This was created by Ogle in 1986.

Teachers activate students’ prior knowledge by asking them what they already Know; then students (collaborating as a classroom unit or within small groups) set goals specifying what they Want to learn; and after reading students discuss what they have Learned. Students apply higher-order thinking strategies which help them construct meaning from what they read and help them monitor their progress toward their goals. A worksheet is given to every student that includes columns for each of these activities.

Here is what a blank KWL chart looks like.

The K in KWL stands for what you already know about the topic.

The W in KWL stands for what else you want to know about the topic.

The L in KWL stands for what you learned about the topic as you read your textbook and use reference sources.

Now, complete the K column by thinking about and writing what you already know about the topic.
Complete the W column by writing the questions you want to answer about the topic.
Complete the L column by writing the answers to the questions you wrote in the W column. Also, write in the L column other information you learned as you answered the questions.

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