Senior Years


For all the Year 10s this year going onto Year 11 it can be quite daunting. What will it be like to be a senior in high school? Besides getting to feel a bit more superior to the juniors, you may also find that teachers will start treating you a bit differently… The expectations will be higher and the workload more intense, with more focus on self directed learning- no more being spoon fed the answers!

Here are some tips for handling the new pressures of senior year:

1. Take notes in class! Whether it be in English, Maths or even Physics…you will regret it if you don’t when it comes to exams and you find you have little notes to revise.

2. Be self motivated…try your best to stay engaged with your classes and don’t fall behind just because you’ve gotten sick of your teacher’s voice.

3. Find a variety of good resources, either online or in textbooks. This is because your teacher might only touch on the basics but they expect you to know the concept in more depth- this is where the self directed research comes in. These skills are also needed for university- you’re old enough to take charge of your own learning now.

4. Stay positive. If you find that you can’t adjust to the new workload don’t stress or lose confidence. Learn from your mistakes and know that you won’t be the only struggling student out there. And if you do need help, there are always people out there willing to share their knowledge with you, like S4S for example 🙂

That’s all from me this week, I hope you guys found my advice helpful!

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