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Here is a quiz to help you evaluate your progress in school this year,
simply add up the scores to find out how you went!

How well did you pay attention?

  1. There was nothing worth paying attention to! The teachers and content was always boring and uninteresting. Class time was more like nap time. (1)
  2. You stayed awake in your favourite subjects, you tried paying attention in the other subjects but its so hard! (2)
  3. You realised at some stage you were falling behind from not paying attention so you decided to make a real effort to start taking notes and actually listening to the teacher for once. (3)
  4. Everything is so interesting! You love to learn and also love getting top results. You’re the one your friends turn to for help. (4)

What were you doing outside of school?

  1. Playing a lot of sport, getting on the computer (Facebook is your life), stuck on your Wii/PlayStation, movies with friends. Basically, you avoided studying til the very last minute- exams schmams. (1)
  2. Attempted to have a few study sessions with friends which you thought it made studying a whole lot more fun even if you only got a bit of the work done. (2)
  3. You tried to organise notes and make folders for each of your subjects which made you feel proactive and less guilty when you went out with your friends instead of studying for an exam. (3)
  4. Studying is way more important than friends or being social, you can do all that at university. Right now, you just want to do as much studying and practice exams as you can. You are thinking only about your future (4)

How well were you prepared for your exams and assessments?

  1. You never kept track of the due dates and hardly had any notes to study. You Googled the subject of the tests and just went from there. (1)
  2. You had messy and unorganised notes which always sent you into a panic befor exams. They made you realise you should have worked harder through the term. (2)
  3. You tried throughout the term to prepare and organise notes to study. But you got nervous before exams which made you forget key notes and caused you stress and anxiety. (3)
  4. Always prepared. You finished everything early and at the top quality. (4)

How often did you fall behind in class work?

  1. You’ve lost track. You gave up trying to keep up, everything just started piling up and you thought to just wing it during exams and see how you go. (1)
  2. A few times but you tried to catch up, but still found the workload to be too much and too difficult. (2)
  3. You managed to keep up with the workload but was still not managing as well as the top students. You did all the homework but still found you did not understand all the difficult concepts. (3)
  4. You are always ahead and well organised so you made sure to never fall behind. Your assessments are exceptional and you have a great grasp on the subjects. (4)

What were your results like throughout the year?

  1. Who cares? You stopped caring about your results ages ago. You’re just going with the flow now, whatever happens happens. (1)
  2. A bit shakey, you had a few okay results but also some pretty poor ones. You weren’t very consistent or confident in your exams. You’d also be happy to get above average, not really aiming for the top. (2)
  3. You started from low-average but tried your best to get higher marks. You ended up a few times at the top but still tended to stay in the average or top-average range. You still try to aim high though. (3)
  4. After all the work you put into each assessment/exams you expect nothing but great results. You stayed at the top consistently and any mark below your normal standard would just make you want to work harder to improve. (4)


Score 17-20

You are definitely ahead of all the rest of the students. You have great confidence when it comes to school tasks because of your efficient methods of study preparation and organisation. You are always focused and know exactly what results you want (the best result of course). However, you also need to take time out to relax and look after your health- constant studying can also cause stress and anxiety. It is also important to stay in touch with friends because high school is the best time to make friendships which will last forever. Don’t forget that you’re all in this together so make sure to help your fellow peers when they need help.

Score 13-16

You have great potential to succeed. You are already putting a lot of effort in which is great because you are showing that you are motivated and care about your studies and want to be a top student. However, make sure that you are focusing your efforts in the right place i.e. your specific weaknesses. Don’t just do what you think will work, but take some time to understand where you have been failing and find specific solutions, find a study method that works for you. It’s also okay to get help from others if you feel you cannot learn/study all the subject material on your own. Maybe talking more to teachers, getting a tutor or simply reading more textbooks is the extra boost you need to get to the top. Never stop aiming high because success is never impossible.

Score 10-13

You find it hard to keep up at times and often lose confidence in yourself too early and feel as if you’ll never be good enough to get top results. You have become complacent at being an average student and have stopped having high aims. Stop thinking these thoughts at once. You have the same potential as everyone else, you just need to be more motivated and stop being lazy. This simply means practising to be more focused and finding more time to study each week. Its a matter of changing your bad habits. If you’re falling too much behind than it’s a good idea to seek advice from teachers, maybe stay behind a few lessons to make sure you understand everything. Some people take more time to learn it doesn’t mean that they are not as clever as the others, everyone just learns at a different pace. Getting a tutor is also a good idea if you are still struggling with the content. Get some guidance, pick yourself up, and believe that you too can succeed.

Score 5-9

You have lost all motivation and have stopped caring. Why? You simply don’t see how any of the stuff you’re learning can affect you. Well, it’s true that a few students have become successful without passing a single exam or going to university but don’t just lie under this false perception that everything will work out for you. More likely, you’ll eventually come to realise and regret not giving high school your best shot. Employers like to see credation and would judge you as a person to see whether you have the life skills and commitment skills which you actually gain through a good education practice. If you find your current subjects or even teachers uninteresting, than its still not too late to change. Its the start of a new year, anything is possible. Change your attitude and you can change your results- easy as that.

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*quiz by S4SCoaching, copy only with permission*

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