Selective Coaching Course

About the Course

Who the course is for:

S4S Coaching are running this specialised course in order to help primary school students succeed in their Selective Test and achieve their goals, whether it be getting into a good high school or developing a strong foundation for essential skills in learning. Our courses are tailored for students from Yr 4 to Yr 5 at all levels of understanding.

The benefits of the course:

  • Learn all the basics of the selective exam material and develop the essential skills to succeed in the exam.
  • Get individualised attention from small class sizes that you wouldn’t get from the large classes at school.
  • Teaching that is tailored to the needs of your child allowing them to learn more effectively.
  • Be in lessons that are fun, engaging & educational for our younger students.

Course structure and content:

There are 2 courses available:

1. The Maths and General Ability Course covering:

  • Mathematics basic skills and exercises.
  • General Ability skills and exercises.
  • Trial selective exams for early preparation.

2. The English and Comprehension Course covering:

  • English Comprehension skills and exercises.
  • English Writing skills including creative writing.
  • Trial selective exams for early preparation.

Each course runs for a total of 3 Terms each year with one lesson per week. Each lesson is 2 hrs (including breaks). Our parents have the option of doing either one, or both of the 2 courses. There is a special discount if you choose to do both courses.

About Our Classes

How our classes are run:

Our class sizes are small and have a maximum of 5 students. We believe that small class sizes are much more beneficial than being in a regular school class size of 30 students because students will be able to receive more individualised attention and our tutors are able to make sure no one is falling behind. Small classes also allow students to feel comfortable being amongst their peers but still have the benefit of personalised learning.


About our tutors:

Our tutors are university students who graduated at the top state level with ATARs above 95. We make sure that they have the most in-depth knowledge on the subject they are coaching and demonstrate effective communication skills. They make the lessons not only educational, but also fun and engaging. They easily relate and communicate with their students whilst maintaining the professionalism required to see top results.

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