Surviving Exams

With HSC trial exams approaching, students can become very focused on ONLY memorising their study material that they may forget the other little things that can significantly impact their exam performance such as using reading time wisely,
taking the time to absorb and understand an exam question rather than rushing through it, or devising a plan of attack for the exam.

It’s these little things that will assist in helping you to efficiently and successfully complete an exam on time.

The University of New South Wales has provided a few pointers on exam writing skills that may be beneficial to you if you are in the midst of preparing for trial exams or any other exam at the moment. Follow the links to the website to read these helpful tips!

“Exam writing is a skill you can learn – doing well can have as much to do with technique as with preparation. The following may seem like common sense, but common sense can be the first thing to go when looking down the barrel of exam week.”