Believe In Yourself!

Hello to all year 12’s!

Oh my the HSC! Are you all ready and prepared?? Well I hope so and if not just believe in yourself! Just take it easy but at the same time still take it seriously.

I think one of the traps that students fall into is that you all get caught up in the significance that is placed on the HSC. You get overwhelmed by the pressure and you forget what its all for and end up being stressed, over it, not in the mood and generally in a state which effects your overall performance.

So I just wanted to remind you what all this is for. Yes to get your Higher School Certificate but it’s more than just that but you have to look at the BIG picture. The HSC is not the be all and end all of your life, it is just the next step, a process everyone goes through in life.

If you are getting sick of studying and wondering what the whole point is, just remind yourself what you are committed to. What is your goal? Not just the ATAR you want to get but what do you want to do with it? Are you going to study further? What do you want your career to be? How do you want you life to look in 5 even 10 years?

Pick a future that you want to live into. Something that lights you up, motivates you and even inspires you no matter how big small, easy, sensible or ridiculous it is. If it makes you sit up a little straighter you’re onto it. Have this vision will make study less of a chore but just the next step in the game called ‘Your Life’.

Anytime that you like its all going wrong or its gettting to you or you are plain sick and tired of this whole ‘studying-for-the-HSC’ thing, let yourself take a break and represence yourself to the big picture so that when you come back to your study space you are ready to take it on and work towards the life you want to have.

And for those of you who just want to quit and party, there is a time and place for everything. You have PLENTY of time to relax afterward but now is the time to put your head down and work hard. Trust me, it will make the celebrations so much more significant and in the end it really will be worth it.

To sum myself up, don’t forget about your goals and if you don’t have any, make them up! Make the last 13 years of school worth it.

So good luck! Happy studying and never forget your dreams!

– Julie (S4S Marketing)

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