Organize And Revise

Well hello again!

It’s now Term 4, time for Yr 11 to fill in the big shoes of their predecessors… Time for the HSC. But don’t stress (just yet) but also don’t take it too easy either. Now is the time to start getting ready.

So the HSC is next year which makes this last term and your summer holidays REALLY important. This is the time to change your previous habits of slacking off and start preparing for the months ahead. As soon as you get back next year its straight to your half yearly exams so you need to keep paying attention or you will end up cramming and making studying an even bigger task!

Make sure you keep taking organised notes and revise regularly during this last semester as well as during the holidays. Take some time off from your social life to concentrate on improving your knowledge and skills (you’re going to have all the time in the world after the HSC to party). The more you do now the easier your life will be in the future, seriously. Try not to just go ahead and take it easy just because everyone else is, this is your education after all, not theirs.

For those of you who haven’t been working that hard to this point, you need to stop these bad study habits and start putting some effort in. Start NOW while you can still do something about your study habit. Better now then later where it will be too little too late. Take this from someone who took it easy and ended up getting an ATAR of almost 10 points below what I was expecting/ aiming for. Start studying now. Don’t PROCRASTINATE, it is the root of all evils! So get into gear and study! It’s good for you 😉

So good luck to you guys in your future academic endeavors and CONGRATULATIONS to the kids who have just done you’re HSC! You did it and got through alive, now you guys can enjoy a well deserved break!

– Julie (S4S Coaching)

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