Thinking Future

When you think about it, you realize just how stressful and anxious you can be during HSC. I mean if you are in Year 10, 11 and 12 even the mention of the ‘HSC’ gets you all stressed and uncomfortable. You may not even know what you would like to do- university, TAFE, work, travel, or nothing. But the HSC will still hold a great importance to your life.

This importance is because of 12 years of studies, 6 years of primary from this school to that school, searching for the best high school after primary, HSC is finally going to be the end. It is definitely not the end of learning and study but the end of school years, but also a new start for greater responsibilities and decision-making in life. If you are doing HSC this year, than you can tell that there is always a subject in year 11 and 12, which we struggle through. Most of us have great expectation of ourselves and therefore pick subjects that seem to be greater challenge, 4-unit maths, advance English, and physic, etc, what we don’t realize is we need help to win the challenge. This completely fine, we are supposed to challenge ourselves to meet our goals.

I remember that I was very stressed during year 11, 12 and the whole content of HSC as if my life depended on it, all I thought about was HSC. Studied in a school for 4 years, which I loved, but for personal circumstances I had to move into far west of Sydney. This meant moving school at the second term of year 11, very scary especially when all you think about is university. I moved from an absolutely love school to a school I would turn up in crying almost everyday. You might not think about it during HSC years but the environment you study in effects you every single day. When my marks went from 90s to average, I got some tutoring.

You have to be very conscious when deciding about tutoring, because you want it to help you, rather than be just another school expense for your parents and another school to you. Tutoring places that charge a lot of money do not symbolize offers of a lot of help in exchange. I went to the best tutoring places, some just charged a lot of money others just gave you lots of work without explanation, and some just don’t need to be explained, as I know we all can identify them.

Anyway, I believe that it takes one to know one; only the person who experienced what you went through can know and understand what you feel or what you mean when you say “I don’t get this formula”. I studied hard and asked for help from someone who experienced what I was experiencing; I finished the HSC in 2009 with a great ATAR that I could not believe and entered university to study psychology.

I share this with all HSC students to prove that they are not alone.

-Rose (S4S Coaching)

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