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  • Writing English Tutoring at S4S helps our students develop their ability to synthesise and be concise in their writing in order to form skills in logical and critical thinking. Writing is a key element in achieving top results and it is the area that most students struggle with. In our program, we provide exercises to maximise your child’s writing abilities in exam, essay and short response situations.
  • Analyzing– This is a crucial skill that our tutors will help your child improve in order to benefit their high school results as well as prepare them for university. We will help your child develop efficient analysis of major texts and given material so that their knowledge of key themes and concepts is increased. We cover all key texts in the HSC Board of Studies Standard and Advanced English course. Our coaches help to strengthen your child’s understanding of the key focus points and give them the confidence to write detailed and competent responses.
  • Speaking Many students struggle with to find confidence for speaking and presentation tasks which are required in many English assessments. Our experienced English tutors will help your child overcome these weaknesses so that they form the courage to speak convincingly in public speaking situations. This skill will also benefit them in situations in the future, whether it be in university or work. We hope to make your child succeed in all forms of English.

Our English Tutoring programs tailored to target your child’s particular writing, comprehension and/or speaking difficulties, providing them with an abundance of resources and indepth knowledge. Based on Board of Studies outcomes, our courses cover reading, writing, speaking and general literacy aspects. Our aim is to make sure your child succeeds in all these areas.

English Tutoring Sydney

At S4S coaching we provide students at all skill levels with some of the best English tutoring in Sydney. We break down our English tutoring services into three main areas that we believe students should focus on. By improving your child skills in writing, analysing, and speaking, we will ensure that your child masters the basic aspects of English they need to grasp before moving on to the more advanced levels of knowledge required for excellent grades. However, a good grasp of English is not just necessary for good grades and academic success, rather, it will benefit your child in all areas of their lives.

Writing is one of the three main building blocks that should be mastered to achieve a full understanding of English. At S4S coaching our Sydney-based English tutors will work closely with your students to help them develop their skills in logical and critical thinking. By developing these skills students will better be able to grasp ideas and explain them, therefore making their writing more concise and more indicative of what they are trying to express. Many students never fully grasp the basics of writing, and as a result their grades suffer. When we work with your child, we start off by teaching them the basics like expressing ideas, and perfect sentence structure. By mastering these basics your child’s grades will show immediate improvement.

Our English tutors also work with students to help them better their analysing skills. Much high school and university coursework is based around analysing key concepts and themes. Developing the skills to analyse texts to quickly grasp the meaning, key themes, and concepts being expressed will help strengthen your child’s understanding of major texts and ideas discussed thereby increasing their confidence and giving them the tools to write detailed and relevant responses.

An area almost all students struggle with in English is speaking. Many students lack the confidence and skills required to excel in speaking and presentation tasks which are a staple of most English assessments. Our Sydney English tutors will work closely with your child to give them the skills and tools they need to find the strength and courage to speak with skill and discipline in any situation. Excellent public speaking skills aren’t just relevant to English classes, they will also benefit your child in every area of their lives.

Our S4S coaching services in English tackle every relevant area of the subject, and will help your students achieve the results and develop the skills that they need to be successful in the subject.

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