What S4S Stands For

S4S Coaching stands for 'Students For Students'.  This is because we are run by young and intelligent university students who are committed to sharing their success with current high school students. They provide a better sense of understanding and create a comfortable learning space. Our vision is to create a culture of fun and support whilst providing a relaxed atmosphere for our students to learn in. We also focus on providing our students with essential life skills and learning skills that they will continue to benefit from in the future. We truly believe that we have something different to offer and are dedicated to making our services more accessible to students across all local communities.

Our Coaching

At S4S Coaching we also focus on the bigger picture and believe that "Education is the ability to deal with life's situations". We see high school as only a small step towards a successful and fulfilling life. Hence, in addition to preparing our students to achieve their personal best at high school, we also coach them in how to make informed decisions about their university options. At S4S Coaching we prepare our students to excel in the HSC as well as help them begin to develop the essential skills demanded by employers such as skills in team work, problem solving and communication. Our tutors act as personal coaches and are truly dedicated to helping our students succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Our Class Structure

Our classes have between 1 - 5 students which is much more effective for learning compared to the much larger class sizes in schools. We find that having a small group means students get the comfort of being with friends but also receive individualised attention from their tutors at the same time. Tutors also monitor the progress of their students weekly. Our sessions are structured in a way to deliver constant revision with great focus on each student’s needs. We provide revision for previous subjects and introduce new subjects at a pace your child will be comfortable with. We also give comprehensive study notes, mock exams and question sheets for our students to revise.

Where to find us?

Thanks to all the support from our tutors, students and their parents, S4S Coaching has been a fast growing business. We currently have 5 centres in the Western Suburbs. We strive to provide top quality education in the local community. If you are in the area, you are welcome to drop in for a visit to check out your nearest centre!

We pride ourselves on providing top quality education, to ensure our students maximise their results and make informed choices about University subjects. Our hours are also very flexible to make our service even more convenient.

Our Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 9pm – 6 pm Monday to Friday, 4pm – 8pm

  • CASTLE HILL CENTRE 23/10, Gladstone Rd, Castle Hill, accessible via Windsor Road or Victoria Road.
  • ST MARYS CENTRE Workplace Safety Centre, 170 Queen St, St Marys, 2760
  • BLACKTOWN CENTRE 12A Westfield Pl, Blacktown, 5 minute walk from Blacktown Train Station.
  • BANKSTOWN CENTRE Bankstown Multicultural Youth Service, Level 1, 6-8 Bankstown City Plaza, Bankstown NSW 2200.
  • PARRAMATTA CENTRE 9-13 Argyle Street, Parramatta 2150 (We are situated in the offices of Evolve Housing)