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Maths Tutoring is available at S4S Coaching at all levels from Yr7-12. We also specialise in HSC level General Maths, 2 Unit Maths, and Extension 1 Maths. We have prepared thorough courses to target your child’s weaknesses in mastering mathematical processes. Our top tutors guide your child through complicated formulas and concepts at Board of Studies level. Careful revision and test papers are also provided to ensure that our students know exactly what to expect in their exams in order to excel. We will prepare and guide your child through each level of Maths until you begin to see an improvement in your child’s performance at school.

Maths Tutoring Grades  7-10

We believe that forming a solid foundation earlier on will allow your child to gain the confidence for succeeding in the future. This is why we have a high quality Maths Tutoring program to help your child develop essential skills of:

  • Problem solvingOur Maths Tutors will show your child the correct methods to approach various maths questions. Without knowing the correct approaches to problem solving, your child will struggle with Maths but with the correct understanding, Maths can become a lot easier to handle.

  • Mastering concepts– Maths has a broad spectrum of concepts that emerge at different levels of difficulty. Each step is a development from another and it is therefore important that each concept is understood from its very foundation. Our Maths tutors will be there to make sure that your child gains a depth of knowledge in all areas of Maths.


HSC General Mathematics, Mathematics 2 Unit and Maths Extension 1

Our Senior Maths Tutoring Programs follow the Board of Studies requirements and seek to maximise your child’s learning outcomes. We acknowledge both the importance and difficulties in mastering the complexities in these subjects and we therefore help students develop the neccesary skills of success. Our expert tutors provide constant revision and offer extra resources to aid your child’s progress.

Maths Tutoring Sydney

At S4S Coaching we provide maths tutoring for all high school students from year 7 to 12. We also specialise in HSC Level General Maths, 2 Unit Maths, and Extension 1 Maths. We believe, as in all subjects, that the mastery of maths begins with mastery of the basic building blocks of the subject. That is why before we begin tackling complicated formulas and concepts, we will help your child build a solid foundation and understanding of the areas of maths that are relevant to them.

By working closely with your child our Sydney maths tutors will get a better grasp of the level of your child’s understanding of the subject. We will then be better positioned to prepare a program aimed specifically at targeting and improving problem areas for your child. By targeting and giving your child the skills required to work through their problem areas you will quickly see an increased confidence and skill level in your child’s grasp of the subject, as well is a significant improvement in their grades.

We believe that the basic foundations maths can be broken down into two main areas, these are problem-solving and mastering concepts. Our Sydney maths tutors can help show your child the correct method to approach maths questions. Every child learns differently, and our tutors will work with your child until they discover the best way to explain concepts to them. By approaching maths in a way that suits their understanding, students will quickly begin to grasp and then master problems.

The next area that our math tutors will work on Sydney students with is mastering concerts. Maths is based around a huge spectrum different concepts that require different levels of skill and knowledge that present different learning difficulties. Maths is like a ladder in that each new concept is a continuation of the previous one. That is why to achieve proper mastery of the subject students must understand maths from its very basic foundations. This is the approach we take to mathematics, and it is one that will help your child form a proper understanding of all relevant concepts for them.

As well as a basic mathematical tutoring offered to students from year 7 – 12, we also offer tutoring in HSC General Mathematics, Mathematics 2 Unit, Maths Extension 1. We understand that these subjects all present that very unique difficulties and complexities. That is why our tutors are ready to help your child develop the necessary skills and understanding to lead them to success in whatever mathematical subject they are working on.

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