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Sometimes school is simply not enough. The high student to teacher ratio in schools prevents teachers from providing individual attention to students. This is why often many student lag behind the general growth curve. Most can’t match the pace of the teachers. Mathematics is perceived with a lot of fear amongst students. Mastering this subject requires a lot of time which most teachers in school can’t give. Hence we at S4S coaching provide excellent math tutor in Sydney to tackle the fear of math head on.

Your Child Might Need Some Extra Help- The Signs

It is not often that you realize that the seemingly bad phase your child is going through at school is not because he is not paying attention; it is because he needs a bit more help. Mathematics as a subject can be extremely daunting. Students might not be very vocal about their need of a tutor. It is your responsibility as a guardian to see the signs and realize it. Your child might need a maths tutor Sydney if he:

  • Constantly performs poorly in examinations.
  • Submits poor homework or classwork, consistently.
  • Repeats the same mistakes in work.
  • Makes silly mistakes.
  • Stress attacks before examinations.
  • Is highly stressed, de-motivated.
  • Constantly complains from teachers over the decreasing performance graph.
  • Skips school regularly.

What Makes S4S Coaching Different?

We know how to balance between fun and a disciplined environment. It is this harmony that makes studying less like work and more like an engaging activity. We hold an impeccable record of success stories due to the sheer work and dedication of our highly trained young tutors and their practical approach towards education.

Choose us for math tutoring in Sydney because we:

  • Have extremely small class sizes. One on one groups are pretty common.
  • Provide customized study plans. The student’s requirement and rate of understand is of primary importance. The study plans are revised and updated accordingly.
  • Provide the students with study materials, developed, revised and updated with utmost care.
  • Monitor the student’s development with weekly tests. The standard tests are designed to be harder than the tests one face in school. This gives the students an extra edge, which is highly required.
  • We focus with all round development by teaching kids about time management skill, study techniques, stress management tips etc.

Our Tutors:

We hire only dynamic and highly capable graduates with excellent educational qualifications as our tutors. Our math tutors in Sydney are best of the lot because:

  • It is an essential requirement that they have outperformed at their HSC and received ATAR s of ninety five and above.
  • It is checked whether they have a thorough knowledge in their respective domains.
  • They are given a special training regarding proper communication with students, making the subject relate-able and interesting, holding the student’s attention etc.
  • Their progress is constantly being monitored with feedback forms and evaluation.
  • They are young, recent graduates and they identify most with being a student.
    It is easier for the students to communicate with them.

Our Study Techniques:

The difference between learning and studying is that the former actually is enjoyable. Undue stress occurs when one tries to master a subject without having proper ideas on the basics of it. The two main mantras we follow are – building a proper foundation and stress free fun learning. When it comes to mathematics, both are complimentary to each other. Math tutoring in Sydney is revolutionized as our tutors employ this highly successful four pronged method for teaching:

  • Build a solid foundation: The key concepts are thoroughly discussed with practical examples to build concepts about any topic.
  • Clearing schedules and prioritizing: We teach our students proper time management as well as making effective study tables. This helps in organizing their busy schedules.
  • Practice: Clearing the concepts is simply not enough. Mastering mathematics requires extensive practice. Our quality revision material as well as tutorials helps the students dealing various kinds of problems.
  • Tests: Regular assessments occur and the feedback is shared with the parents.
    This helps the students to learn from their previous mistakes

To get highly capable math tutors in Sydney, contact us now. You can call us on 02 8003 3427 or contact us via email

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