Maths Tutors & Tutoring Sydney

Maths Tutors & Tutoring Sydney

Junior Mathematics

Junior Mathematics is crucial to the development of skills required for senior preliminary and HSC Mathematics. Maths is the only subject that continues to build upon existing knowledge and it is therefore essential to have a strong foundation. Our tutors cover a wide range of topics with students, from algebra to Pythagoras and fractions to consumer arithmetic we ensure that students are well prepared in all aspects of Math.
We offer Math tutoring at our Castle Hill, St Marys, Blacktown, Parramatta and Bankstown Centre for year 7, year 8, year 9 and year 10. Book your first lesson now!

HSC Mathematics (General, Advanced, Ext 1 & Ext 2)

Mathematics may be one of the most dreaded subjects for many students. Turning seemingly simple concepts into excruciatingly difficult and obscure exam questions seems to be the backbone of the HSC Mathematics syllabus. At S4S Coaching, our Math tutors will not only teach students the concepts and ensure that they understand them, but will expose students to the many variations of HSC and exam style questions so that they are thoroughly prepared to apply the knowledge they have learnt. Structured mathematics exam preparation and consistent exposure to challenging exam questions will ensure that all our students have the upper hand when it comes to those last few questions of the HSC exam (the ones that stump the most talented math students!).

We offer HSC Math tutoring at our Castle Hill, St Marys, Blacktown, Parramatta and Bankstown centres for Advanced Math, General Math and Extension 1 Math. Book your first lesson now!