Better Changes

The S4S marketing team were at Seven Hills Centro on the 27th and 29th of January. Whilst we were there to let parents and students know that we are there to help them, we have had the occasional security guard and shop owners asking us about our tutoring services.  We couldn’t be sure if they were there for the lollies or the tutoring :)…

Our Values..

Friendly marketing staff
It’s so fun to be out in the community speaking with parents and students concerned about their studies and knowing that we are the perfect tutoring company for helping them achieve success at school.

The table layouts

It was a great effort by all and we managed to sign up 70+ new students for our Seven Hills Center. The day was an extreme success and we can’t wait to do it again soon.

All smiles for a successful day!
We’ve been shopping!

Our marketing team has also been busy buying things to spruce up the interiors of our St Marys and Seven Hills Centers. You may have noticed the cute little fern plants, new posters, wall canvases and colourful notice boards that have been appearing. It’s a small start, but we are aiming to keep reflect
ing our friendly and fun atmosphere in the S4S classrooms.




Been making a little mess at Seven Hills

To make some awesome canvas art for the classrooms

Sprucing up St Marys

New plants and notice board!

Hope you like the changes we’ve made.

– Shuang (S4S Coaching)

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