What NOT to do while studying (speaking from personal experience)

Okay so it’s the spring holiday break, time for those about to do their school Cert. and HSC to get into some hard core study! And even if you aren’t heading into an important exam period (year 11’s/new year 12’s I’m talking to you) now’s always a good time to start getting into a good study habit so these might come in handy for you too.

Now we all know that everyone keeps telling you how to study but not everyone studies the same way right?! For this reason I’ve compiled my own personal list of things that you should NOT do when studying:

  • Don’t study near distractions. This includes near a computer, tv or the kitchen. Don’t underestimate the procrastination powers of food. Hide your Ipods and turn your phones off (or only check it on your breaks). Also let your family know when you’re studying so they can give you some peace.


  • Don’t live in monochrome. Use colour! It stimulates your brain more than the usual black or blue. Colour code your subjects, highlight in different colours, get colourful stationary!


  • Don’t be a snob. Be nice, help others. You might need their help sometime. Its also great revision to teach people, you only really know the content when you can successfully teach it. Not to mention it’s fun studying in groups.
  • Don’t forget about your health. It’s important to still eat healthy, even with your choice of snacks. Eat brain food like fruit and nuts and don’t forget to exercise a little too. Not only does it keep you fit so you can study at your best but can help release stress and anxiety.


  • Don’t use Microsoft word. Well at least for your preliminary notes. Handwriting your notes not only helps you practice your writing but it also sticks in your mind better. Not to mention it keeps you OFF the computer, eliminating distraction.


  • Don’t stop at the syllabus. It is important to cover all the dot points but they are just the baseline of what you need to know. It’s all the extra work you do and understand which will put you above the rest. This means not just relying on the one textbook, have multiple sources of information.


  • Don’t sleep in. Waking up in the afternoon might sound nice but half your day will be gone! You don’t have to be up at 6am but early enough that you don’t cram late at night. If you keep doing this your body will get used to it and you’ll be tired in those 9am exams.


  • Don’t start a Bejeweled Blitz addiction on facebook. It might seem like a short one minute game DO NOT BE FOOLED! In fact just stay away from facebook in general. Deactivate your account or get someone to change your password.


  • Don’t start a blog. They are a GREAT way to procrastinate; too good it’s detrimental to your study. If you want to get into the blogging game wait till AFTER your exams. Then you can go crazy!


    • FINALLY don’t be so hard on yourself. I know it’s important to stay focused but don’t force yourself into hours of study, it will only make you stressed and uptight. Make sure to save some time in your study schedule for yourself where you can relax and recuperate. It will keep you sane.

Now go out there and study effectively! Stop reading blogs (though this one is relatively informative and helpful), get off the computer and hit the books!

Just want to wish everyone a lovely, productive holiday. Good luck to those undertaking the HSC and to the rest of you, happy learning! Hope this helps!

-Julie (S4S Coaching)

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