Holly Lin

Holly Lin

Graduated in: 2012

High School: Penrith High School

Notable Achievements:

  • 97.10 ATAR
  • Advanced English: 95%
  • English Extension 1: 92%
  • English Extension 2: 92%
  • Studies Of Religion: 94%
  • PDHPE: 95%
  • University of Sydney Faculty Scholarship

Tutor for: Mathematics and English

Current studies:Exercise and Sports Science at University of Sydney.

“Working at S4S is fun and challenging. I have always enjoyed helping others, and I love that my job allows me to do that on a regular basis. I think that it is extremely important to be able to set goals for oneself and achieve them, and I love being able to help students do that. I like creating a relaxed environment in which students can learn, have fun and build their confidence, to help them to excel in their studies.”