Our Methodology

Teaching Methodology


The method and aim behind our teaching is to ensure that our students reach their full potential in learning and are more than prepared to succeed in their exams. We give them all the guidance they need and help them learn from their mistakes. We have developed a simple yet effective 5-Step-Success process which has been the key to the success of our students:

Step 1

The first step ensures that our students thoroughly learn the key concepts of their subject. We will make sure that they develop the correct understanding on important topics in order to maintain an indepth foundation of knowledge.

Step 2

The second step is all about mastering time management, the key to successful learning. We provide the necessary guidance to help our students create an effective study timetable and form a healthy study pattern. This not only helps them develop skills in organisation and preparation, but will also reduce the stress and uncertainty they have towards their exams. Some students also do not know that the amount of time spent studying is just as important as the amount of effort spent learning and revising, so we also help them understand the key balance between time and effort.

Step 3

The third step is knowing that practice does not make perfect, perfect practice does. At S4S, we give our students extensive tutorials and end of topic revision sessions that are assessed based on a strict marking criteria. Our revision resources are a beneficial mixture of past trial papers as well as examination questions gathered from quality educational sources. Hence, we provide the necessary tools to help our students form perfect practice techniques.

Step 4

The fourth step tests and makes sure that our students have completely understood the concepts and are well prepared for their exams and assessments. To do this, we provide examinations that are harder than most school assessments, making sure that our students are more than prepared to achieve higher marks than they had before.

Step 5

The fifth step is providing constructive feedback to our students and parents because we believe that students can effectively learn from their mistakes through constructive feedback from their tutor. We also provide feedback to parents to ensure that they are also updated on their child’s progress. We also believe that the support and understanding provided by parents also play a crucial role in the successful performance of our students. The successful communication at S4S Coaching between our students, parents and tutors, is second to none and serves to provide a sound network of support for our students.

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