Our Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is all about offering the perfect balance between fun and structured learning. We aim to engage and inspire our students through a teaching method that has developed from over 9 years of coaching experience. Based on this comprehensive experience, we have realised the importance of revision to a student’s learning habit.

Empirical evidence has shown that students need at least 3 revisions of content before it becomes permanent in their minds. At S4S we have developed our teaching to effectively provide these 3 necessary revisions. We are also unique from most schooling and coaching systems because we treat mistakes as opportunities for improvement. This is because unlike most schools, we believe that mistakes are not something to be feared and penalised for. Instead, we encourage students to learn from their mistakes in order to continuously improve on their skills and not to be afraid of taking risks so that they may learn to think outside the box.

At S4S, we provide knowledge to help students analyse their mistakes from previous exams and assignments before developing the right strategies to help them improve. This ensures that they recognise how to avoid the same mistakes, allowing them to move forward positively and continuing to excel in their performance, with S4S there to guide them each step of the way.

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