Parent Testimonials

Meet Our Happy Parents

Ann Brombal

Parent of Sarah Brombal

“Sarah started tutoring earlier this year because she was failing Maths. After 2 weeks of tutoring Sarah had a test and got 44 out of 55 which was a vast improvement! The average for this test in her class was 12, so that shows actually how well she did, her efforts just kept improving and whenever she learnt something at school she was not sure off, her Tutor went through it with her. Sarah has just completed her half year exams and got 90%, Sarah was actually so thrilled as she has gone from a “C” to an “A”. I see a difference in her with all her studies and a new confidence in her. Sarah enjoys tutoring and I am grateful to find such competent young teachers.”

Brenda Attard

Parent of Kelly and Alex Attard

“S4S Coaching was able to help my daughter Kelly in her HSC year with their friendly and studious atmosphere, my daughter was able to achieve top marks in Physics and Chemistry in her HSC year at St Marys Senior High School as a result of joining S4S Coaching. S4S Coaching’s approach to tutoring is very professional as is their wealth of knowledge and expertise. I was so impressed I now send my son there who is in Year 10.”

Cindy Hainsupkorn

Parent of Ben Hainsupkorn

“My son gained a lot more confidence. What I liked about S4S Coaching the most was that the tutors were young. This makes them easier to talk to and I think because they’re almost the same age as my son, it made him feel more comfortable.”

Thenbi Muhango

Parent of Brian and Musa Muhango

“Because of the talent of the tutors, we have seen some great improvement in the marks. Teachers at school are also very happy with the progress of my kids since they joined S4S Coaching. The tutors made the learning more¬†comfortable and fun for my kids.”

Samantha Ford

Parent of Tom Ford

“Tom’s behaviour improved and his interest in learning increased. The small class environment was was fantastic and he also said he saw improvement already in the first few weeks of tutoring at S4S Coaching. More improvement than he would have expected to see in months at school.”

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