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ex Student 2012-2015

“My name is Niroshini and I attended S4S Coaching between 2012 and 2015 for Physics, Chemistry and English. When I first started at S4S I was struggling with English, and was getting in the D’s. After tutoring I pushed my mark up to a high B. The tutors were all great, they were young and relatable and always willing to help me. It was a great environment to learn in because the tutors could relate to what I was going through.”


Peter Gluchowska

Tutored in English

“My tutor was brilliant, she helped me with essay writing to a great extent. The tutors were easy to relate to and I also loved learning in small classes. It gave me the opportunity to be helped on a much more personal level than with the 30 odd kids in class.”


Karanpreet Singh

Tutored in Economics

“The topics that I didn’t understand, my tutor would help me and I would come home and practise the questions. They actually listened to my problems and were teaching me and not just doing questions for me. I also found the learning environment very comfortable. I also found that the tutors were very relatable because they recently went through the whole high school experience themselves and could understand what I was going through.”


David Berry

Tutored in General Maths

Hey everyone,

My names David, I attended Students4Students (S4S) Coaching for 2 years (2007 and 2008) for General Mathematics. When I arrived at S4S I was just above average for General Mathematics, getting marks in the late 70s. I was satisfied with those marks, but I knew I could try harder, getting better marks…succeed. So, I decided tutoring was my best option, to get that extra push and motivation to succeed.

The tutors are very thorough and extremely skilled in their specific subjects at S4S Coaching centre. The fact that they themselves have recently been through the High School system allows them to relate to the students, that is, the stress they are going through, the worries they have and of course what is required to be an A-class student. The tutors treat each person individually, catering to the students own skill levels and thus giving them the appropriate work and guidance. All the tutors at the centre are very friendly, punctual and reliable, which makes the centre a very comfortable and relaxed centre, where there’s no pressure and stress to be found!

After a while at S4S Coaching my scores were noticeably going up, getting into the 80s and yep, even well into the 90s. It was thanks to the knowledge, tips and ideas that the tutors have that enabled me attain the level of knowledge I had at the end of the HSC.


Bintu Colley

Tutored in Chemistry
“Thanks to the awesome tutoring at S4S and my tutor’s motivation speech, I got 92% for Chemistry for my first assignment! This is a great improvement for me considering the fact that I use to get below 50% last year. Maybe just may I might do well for my HSC.”



Tutored in English
“She recognise where her problem areas but was never discouraged. She made a conscious effort to improve on these, without having to be told. She took every little bit of advice on board and asked plenty of questions – she ate it up. This showed in her results when she finally moveb from B-range to A-range. She really listened to everything she was taught and deserved her successes.”


Nabihah Shah

Tutored in English and Maths

“The whole tutoring approach was different, everyone was working together as a team, so there was a lot of support. Tutors are very kind, explained the concepts very well and helped me better understand my subjects. They also took out time to help us, gave us extra work to do, which made us improve more, that was great too. They were actually concerned about our results, asking about our goals and ambitions. It’s great that someone else knows about your goals, and is helping to achieve it.”


Alisha Shameem

Tutored in Chemistry
“The notes were really good, well summarised and straight to the point. The interaction between the students and tutors was really good. I also enjoyed having small classes where I got more personalised attention.”


Julia Sheehan

Tutored in Chemistry
“S4S Coaching is unique to other tutoring services because it is a fun and fantastic place to learn. The tutors are encouraging and are not always worrying about performances so there’s no pressure and the learning environment is also relaxing. They also taught me how to keep a clear goal in mind.”


Mohit Rajput

Tutored in 2 Unit Maths
“The feeling of understanding is what I enjoyed the most about S4S Coaching. They were not too competitive or pressuring, and I felt that we are entitled to express ourselves and ask whatever we wanted. Everyone’s at the same level, no pressure. The enjoyment comes when you start seeing results. My tutor wrote down what work I wanted to do and made me a plan. It motivated me, and gave me interesting insights and a path to where I wanted to go. They gave me guidance and clearance.The most unique thing is that past students are actually coaching the students. They understand, they’re personal, friendly and young.”


Muhammad Naufal

Tutored in 2 Unit Maths
“I just really want to thank S4S for helping me with my HSC. Not only with the subjects they tutored me but also their tips for studying other subjects. My results were great. So much better than what I expected. I really feel like the work I had put into the HSC has payed out. The tutors were fun and interactive. Learning was easy because you never get bored with them. My tutors from s4s has helped to clear any doubts i had in my subjects and also teach me new things.”


James Garth

Tutored in 2 Unit Maths
“Tutoring at S4S is not only learning, but it is also fun and enjoyable. At a lot of places, you go to learn; and that’s it. At S4S, you go to learn as well as joke and have some fun with your friends. It’s productive and enjoyable at the same time! The fact that I would look forward to tutoring every weekend was a huge bonus, which helped motivate me to learn even more and get better at my subjects. They not only tutor your subject, but also teach important skills in how to gain maximum results with optimal time. One major characteristic of S4S coaching that easily sets it apart from the rest is their small classes. S4S ensures that their tutoring experience is beneficial with smaller classes. With these smaller classes, the teachers spend a lot more time helping me with my problems and they helped me work through them until I understood, which is what I believe to be the main point of tutoring. Also, the fact that S4S is run by ex-students helps a lot! They knew all about the syllabus and extra tips which helped them through the HSC, which wasn’t long ago!”


Aaron DeTommaso

Tutored in Maths
“My name is Aaron DeTommaso and I was one of the students in the S4S Mathematics tutoring course. I personally would like to commend my tutor for her efforts. In nearly 13 years of education, never have I had a learning experience such as this. Not only did we efficiently work through the answers to a test that the class had done the previous week but my tutor had voluntarily sacrificed her 1 hour lunch break to continue teaching her three enthusiatic students – myself included. They also showed consistent efforts in their teaching and has often gone beyond my expectations, this lesson was the cherry on top for the end of the term. Congratulations on leading such a committed organisation.


Azeem Sheridd

Tutored in Maths
“The tutors at S4S Coaching always kept the lessons interesting. The environment was open and fun, not stressful at all. I also learnt extra skills in time management which is key to a good HSC. It is about how smart you study as well as what you study. They taught me that your exam results reflect the effort you put into studying – studying enough, good time management etc. Effective time management is essential to be able to get things done efficiently and effectively. They gave me the basic building blocks of learning, we started off with the foundations before we built the house.”

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